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title: you'll never leave harlan (alive)
author: ghostrunner7
fandom: justified
pairing: raylan/boyd
artist: someotherstorm
medium: photoshop

notes: i love this fic a lot, it's brilliant and you should read it. it's grim and stark and just lovely, and so i wanted to make art that conveyed the same sort of atmosphere. i based it on a line from the story:

Raylan absorbs that for a minute, as they roll past a highway sign that announces Cumberland to be thirty miles ahead and a spray-painted billboard that proclaims ‘HELL

i wanted to do something with roads/traveling, because Raylan and Boyd have a great history, involving a lot of twists and turns and miles. the main image is actually KY State Highway 119, which runs from Harlan to Cumberland. the font is the same used on US Highway road signs, called "Highway Gothic." i would apologize for my fondness for the blood splatter effect but hey, it's a zombie story. also i think it's cool :|

story art

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banner art

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fanmix art

ghostrunner7 made an (awesome) mix for the story, and i did the art for that as well. i wanted all three to match (and i was determined to use this Kentucky highway sign) so i went with the same color scheme.

also i highly recommend the mix! :D

cover art

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track list
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Tags: art: fanmix, art: ghostrunner7, art: justified, art: storynotmine, art: undeadbigbang
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